Attract the future you desire. Discussion 3

You may be wondering when I am going to get around to explaining how you can influence and alter your future, but I want to lay foundations first and discuss different aspects of this lifechanging information that I intend to share with you. Perspective plays a big part in determining your happiness levels. Every person has a different perspective on life events, big or small, as you can see with person 1 and person 2 in the rain in my second discussion. They had a completely different perspective on the rain, and one was happy and the other, unhappy. How we view hardship, loss, poverty, life events, etc, will determine how content we are and if we are constantly feeling negative about events or situations, then we will only be living half a life. Learning to adopt a positive perspective is key to our happiness, our contentment and our satisfaction with life. Generally, if a person has a positive view of challenging situations and events, that person will be happier than someone with a negative view.
Take the death of a loved one, for example. Please be clear, I do not suggest for a moment that we should treat such an event as trivial or insignificant, but we need to find the best way of coping with what is an extremely sad time. A negative perspective will fill us with anger (at God for taking our loved one), frustration (at not being able to make the person better), and a huge feeling of loss of power and control over the situation. All these negative feelings will bring us to our knees, mentally, emotionally and physically. Now, I’m not suggesting we should feel positive about someone’s death (unless, of course, it is someone you hate!) but we can try to look at the positive side. Surely, it is a blessing that they are not suffering and in pain any more. They have found peace and we can be happy for them. You may feel your heart is breaking but, for the deceased loved one, it is a blessed release from the pain, loss of faculties and often the loss of dignity. They are free at last.
Perspective applies to every area of our lives, big or small, and it’s how we deal with it that makes the difference between filling us with angst every hour that we are awake, or giving thanks for all the good things in life. Giving thanks for everything, even the bad things, will be another discussion.
I will finish with a little story: –
I like buying and selling stuff on Ebay (who doesn’t!) and a few years ago I used to buy old picture frames, refurbish them and put in mirror glass to sell as vintage mirrors. One lady contacted me via Ebay’s message system saying, ‘Oh, my goodness, I was terrified to open the parcel as I could hear pieces rattling around. Anyway, I plucked up courage and, to my horror, the mirror was smashed to bits. Oh, I’m devastated!!!’ She delivered an award-winning, highly theatrical spiel and on reading the words, I could almost ‘see’ her jumping up and down, grabbing the tissues and mopping her brow. I calmly replied ‘Please, don’t worry, I will refund your money. I would suggest you reserve the word “devastating” for something a tad more important’. She did not reply.
That’s all for today. In the next discussion, I will talk about ‘visualisation’. I will explain how you can use this to materialise the things you want: money, success, good health, a better job, etc, and attract the kind of life you desire. Thanks for dropping by.


Attract the future you desire, discussion 2

The word ‘unlucky’ appears in my first post on this subject and I am going to say a few words about ‘luck.’
There is no such thing as ‘luck.’ Many of you might disagree and you are entitled to your opinion, but I want to put it to you that YOU alone are in charge of everything that happens to you. You can wake up tomorrow and choose to have a ‘lucky’ day. Yes, I know people get sick and die – no-one can alter that. It is the way of the universe (God)and there are some things we cannot tamper with. I lost my daughter (an only child) to a brain tumour in August 2015 and nothing was going to stop it happening. You could say I was ‘lucky’ to have her and ‘unlucky’ to lose her, but we are all born to die and we cannot choose our time and method of departure from this earth. We can, however, make the most of our time here. Think about this:- Person 1 will look out the window, see it is pouring with rain, grumble and moan, grudgingly put on a raincoat and set off to work. Person 2 will look out the window, see it is pouring with rain, run outside with no coat, dance in the rain and shriek with joy at being alive. Which person are you? One was happy and blessed, the other miserable, but, and here’s the crucial bit, IT WAS THE SAME RAIN. You can choose to look for the positive in everything and you will have a blessed day. It’s the same day, but you will be like person 2 and at the end of that day YOU will feel happy and blessed (not ‘lucky’). It’s very much about perspective.
Discussion 3 will look at ‘perspective’.
Have a wonderful day!

Attract the future you desire

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have everything in life and others live a mediocre or, even worse, a downright miserable existence? I use the word ‘existence’ rather than ‘life’ because if you don’t have the rich blessings that are available to all, then you are just existing. Wouldn’t you like to have only positive experiences every single day of your life? Of course, we all do. Want to know how to achieve this? Firstly, I want to point out that I am not after your money – this is not a sales pitch. I say again – I am not looking for financial rewards here. I want to share some very useful information which may change the way you tackle everyday life.

We all know the person who gets up every day and just knows that whatever he or she does, results in them being stressed, unlucky (by the way, there’s no such thing as luck), skint, overworked, mad as hell, unhealthy and wishing they had stayed in bed. We also know the person who gets out of bed in the morning to a truly blessed day. Before you say, ‘oh, you’re talking religion here’, let me assure you that what I am about to reveal to you has nothing to do with religion. I believe in God, as millions of others do, but what I am going to tell you applies to you whether you are a non-believer, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, agnostic, atheist or Pagan. Or anything else in between. The power to create your future lies within yourself. You are solely in charge. If you think negative thoughts all the time then you will receive exactly that – negativity. Lots of negativity. If you moan about not having enough money, you will receive more of ‘having no money’. Even if you only think about being poor, you will attract more ‘being poor’.

Did you notice the 11th word in that last sentence? Attract? The fact is, we attract more of what we think about. So, if you want to change your fortune, you need to change your mindset. I’ll give you one very small example. I used to get fed up with going to the supermarket and finding it difficult to park. So, I tried saying to myself, ‘there will be a parking space waiting for me’. I immediately followed that thought with ‘thank you, thank you, thank you’.
Guess what – I always get a parking space!

Tomorrow, I’ll share some more information with you. I hope you’ll stop by to read it.

What a Dummy……short story


Gilly wasn’t sure whether to take the job or not. The agency said it was just one night’s work from 8pm to 8am and the pay was £250. How could she refuse? She had telephoned the agency at 9am that morning, as she normally did, expecting to be offered a day of waitressing, assisting in a kitchen or a stint in a hotel as receptionist. She mostly covered short periods of holidays and sickness so each job was usually just for a few days or less. Gilly liked the variety and the freedom to choose her working hours, which was usually 2 or 3 days per week and an occasional night. That morning, Ken, the agency manager, told her he had the perfect booking for her.

“You’ll love this one, Gilly. It’s a twelve-hour night shift, you’ll be working on your own and all you have to do is dress a few mannequins for a window and floor display in Green’s Department Store. The person who was supposed to do it rang in sick and they’re desperate to get it done by tomorrow morning. It’ll be a doddle, Gilly.”

“Ok, Ken, I’ll take it provided the manager leaves me precise instructions on how to dress the mannequins.”

“That’s great. Thanks. I’ll ring the manager right away to let him know. Be there for 8pm so that he can hand over the keys and instructions before he leaves for home,” said Ken, relieved she had agreed to accept the assignment as he had no-one else to ask. Most of the staff at the agency were women and very few of them were interested in night shifts.

Gilly had worked in a department store many years ago, before leaving to embark on a six-month travelling holiday to Australia and she quite enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the retail trade, although with this being a night shift, it would be a very different experience. She was looking forward to it and with no-one looking over her shoulder, she’d have a peaceful night.

She arrived just before 8pm to find the manager had already left for home. A tall, well-built security guard dressed in grey trousers, crisp white shirt and a black tie, welcomed her at the store entrance.

“I’m Walter. You must be Gilly?”

She nodded.

“Come on in. The Boss has left you a note telling you where to find everything you’ll need for tonight and where to position the mannequins. You’ll find tea and coffee in the staff room over there on the right.”  He pointed to a part glazed red door at the end of the clothing aisles. “You’re a brave soul agreeing to be locked in here all night with those horrible dummies. They give me the creeps with their expressionless, plastic faces,” he winked at her, mischievously.

She smiled and could see he was winding her up. “I’m sure I can handle them if they get a bit frisky,” she assured him cheerfully. Walter laughed and said he’d be back at 8am. He left by the main front door and Gilly locked up behind him. She watched him saunter down the road, whistling loudly.

She found the instructions the manager had left her on the counter then headed for the staff room to make a cup of coffee. The compact room was furnished with two upright brown leather chairs, a small table, a refrigerator, sink, and a very large framed print on the wall of a French cafe scene. On the table was plenty of tea, coffee and sugar and there was milk in the fridge. She made herself a coffee and sat down to read the instructions for the night ahead. There didn’t appear to be very much to do and she predicted she’d be finished in under six hours. Oh well, she would take her time. No point in rushing then being bored for the rest of the night. There were twelve mannequins to be dressed, six for the window display and six for the floor area. The clothing racks needed restocking and tidying, with the different sizes putting in order, and posters to be attached to the inside of the windows. Easy!

There were six female mannequins and six male ones and the clothes for them were in boxes by the counter. She had almost finished her coffee when she noticed a strange smell. She sniffed the air trying to work out what it was. It seemed a little like stale sweat. She had showered and changed before arriving at the store so she knew the odour wasn’t coming from her. Perhaps it was the lingering smell of a staff member. She wrinkled her nose in disgust as she washed up her cup and saucer.

Gilly set her thoughts to dressing the mannequins and began with a male one. He was to be attired in a deep purple single-breasted wool suit, narrow mauve tie, white shirt and a white straw Boater. She unpacked the clothes from the boxes, shook out the shirt and began draping it around the shoulders of the tall mannequin. She noticed that the detail in his face was quite exceptional for a plastic dummy. He had well defined muscles, a strong square jaw line, pointed nose and deep brown eyes. He looked so real and almost handsome. She could barely take her eyes off him as she put the fine clothes on him. Feeling a little silly, she quickly looked away, her cheeks aglow. Come on Gilly, get a grip, she scolded herself as she put the finishing touches to his outfit.

She moved on to a female dummy next, an elegant creature wearing a long blonde wig and with a very haughty expression. She didn’t like this mannequin at all. It seemed to be mocking her while she was unpacking the dress, shoes and handbag for it. The knee length red cotton dress didn’t fit properly and the shoes were too small. Gilly was finding it difficult to concentrate as she felt there were a thousand eyes watching her, boring into her, waiting for her to make a mistake. She was feeling increasingly uncomfortable surrounded by the dummies. She stepped back to survey her handiwork, stumbling as she did so, and fell straight into the arms of the male dummy she had dressed previously. The arms quickly enfolded her waist then moved slowly up to her breasts. She felt hot breath on her cheek and the dummy was panting. He brushed his hot, moist lips against her neck and at that moment Gilly screamed. She had been riveted to the spot with pure terror, barely able to breathe, her mouth too dry to utter a word. Until the scream. Her heart was pounding in her chest and bile rose in her constricted throat. She screamed again, this time so loud that she felt the dummy shake. The shrill noise echoed around the store. All the other mannequins shook and swayed, seeming to mock her. She broke free from his arms, ran like the wind into the staff room and quickly pushed the table and one of the chairs against the door. She sank to the floor, sobbing uncontrollably and covered her ashen face with her hands. After several minutes, she stood up and looked nervously through the glass in the door. The male dummy was by the shop window, stiff and unmoving, one arm by his side, the other slightly raised. Her breathing slowed a little, her fear abating. Could she have imagined it? No! Definitely not. She’d noticed the strange smell when he grabbed her with his stiff, unyielding arms. It was body odour – stale sweat. How could that be?

She grabbed the phone on the table and dialled the night emergency number. It seemed to take forever for someone to answer. Finally, she heard a familiar voice.

“Hello, it’s Walter. What’s wrong Gilly?”

“Oh please, please Walter, come and get me out of here. Please come quickly!” The words tumbled out in a rush.

“Ok, ok, take it easy. I’ll be right there. Don’t panic,” Walter reassured her. He hung up the phone, picked up the store keys and set off immediately, wondering what on earth had upset her so much.

Gilly remained in the staff room until she saw Walter enter the store. As he approached the room she moved the table and chair to let him in then rushed towards him, flung her arms around him and sobbed into his jacket. She started to tell him about the dummy and he slipped an arm around her shoulder. She felt his hand brush against her cheek. It was stiff and cold. Gilly tensed immediately, moved away slightly, looked into his face and then fear gripped at her throat. Walter’s cold, plastic face stared back at her, expressionless. He gripped her tightly and pulled her closer while she choked with terror. He had looked so real, so human. She pushed the hideous dummy away then turned, white-faced, to run out of the staff room, out of the store and down the empty street, screaming until her throat stung.


Connecting with other writers

I have created this blog to connect with other writers. I began writing 25 years ago but somehow got lost along the way. I’ve recently unearthed all my stories, both children’s and adults, and am gradually going through them, revising and re-editing. I plan to publish a book of all the short stories soon on Amazon. Any advice from people who have already done this would be appreciated. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Pam