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Good Morning! The bluebells are looking their best today.

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Street Talk

Can anyone help me out please? I’m writing a book series aimed at 7-9 year-old readers. My problem is that I don’t know the current terms for phrases/words that were acceptable when I was a child (many moons ago). I’m aware that children are always inventing new ways of expressing themselves and I want my books to reflect that. A while back, ‘cool’  meant ‘good’ or ‘brilliant’, then ‘wicked’ took over, followed by ‘sick’ (I must confess I don’t get that one!)’  ‘Gosh’ and ‘my goodness’ are also defunct. What do 7, 8 and 9 year-olds say today for the same words, please??

The Loony

I’ve finally put my book of short stories on Amazon as an ebook and a paperback. Content ranges from humour to tragedy. I write under the name of P E Witney-Simms. The weather here in Liskeard has been superb but now, as I write, it is raining. We are having a pretty good summer this year. Let’s have more of them, please!



I see your face everywhere. I cannot get used to the fact that you are with the angels. My wonderful daughter, taken by a brain tumour aged 41. Twenty-two months ago I watched you breathe your last few breaths and then I knew you were finally at peace, with God.

Illusions are everywhere – you leave the scent of your perfume when I am down, send a white feather when I need to hear from you, put exactly the right thoughts in my head whenever I have a dilemma. xxx


I think I have ‘commitment phobia’. I hate it when people depend on me to make their lives better or more fulfilled. I suppose I am a bit selfish, really. I find it difficult to be around needy people, probably because I’m not a ‘needy’ person myself. I’m pretty much self-reliant and I am aware that I often expect others to be the same. I can empathise with others though, I just prefer to withdraw from clingy people.  My best friends are tough and resilient, have lively minds and ‘tell it as it is’, if that makes sense. I love being around my friends!


Why is it that paper cuts hurt like hell? Paper is a thin, soft product of trees. Trees are beautiful, graceful, good for the planet, tall, majestic, great to hug (if you are a tree-hugger). Paper can be as sharp as a knife, a razor blade, a piece of jagged glass or a thin sheet of metal.